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National Day of Prayer Reflection


This past Thursday was the day to observed with others a time to pray. Even though it’s a recognized day that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be praying every day.

• I believe that prayer is an important part of life.

• I believe that we should pray no matter what.

• I believe that no prayers are too much for God.

• I believe God wants to hear from you.

As I reflected and thought about National Day of Prayer this year, it means more to me than before. From the beginning of the year, I’ve said that I want to have a more intentional prayer life.

It’s important to me to have meaningful and deep conversations with God. 

God laid on my heart that He wants to hear from me.

– He wants to have a heart to heart talk with me.

– He wants to know my struggles.

– He wants to cry with me.

– He wants to laugh with me.

– He wants to help me.

Basically, He just wants all of me.

As I spent the day praying and today praying as well. 🙏🏻 I want to pray for you.

I wholeheartedly believe that it’s an honor and privilege to pray for my followers, friends, family, church, government, law enforcement officers and every single person I can. 

I encourage you to pray today as well. No matter what your political views are put them aside. Everyone needs prayer no matter what. Even if you disagree with someone’s opinions or beliefs that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pray for them.

🙏🏻 • Pray for President Trump. 🙏🏻 • Pray for the nation.

🙏🏻 • Pray for all those in authority. 🙏🏻 • Pray for the leaders.

🙏🏻 • Pray for this broken world. 🙏🏻 • Pray for unity and peace.

“Make every effort to keep yourselves united in the Spirit, binding yourselves together with peace.” ♥️ Ephesians‬ ‭4:3‬ ‭(NLT‬‬)

So here’s my question for you today.  How may I pray for you today?

Feel free to comment, send me an email, or reach out on any of my social media accounts. Let me come alongside you and pray for you.

Blessings, Grace Mae ❤

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The Fear is Real but God is Bigger

Last weeks blog post I was very transparent with you all. I must say it was way out of my comfort zone. I’m always afraid of what people think and fear is something I struggle with. I’ve always been one who struggled a lot with all kinds of different fears. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the past. Fear of what people would think, etc.

There’s so much that is happening in the world right now that the news is full of tragic events. From stories of school shootings to police officers killed and all this violence, it makes one fearful for their lives.

I’ve seen post after posts on facebook from friends who are terrified to go out in public for fear some psycho shoots them. I can totally understand the thought and fear of something bad happening.

Click to Pin: The fear is real but God is bigger than your fear!

We can’t let this fear dictate our lives. Do we think about it, yes but we can’t let it consume us. This world is full of evil and although we don’t understand we need to shine our light as Christ followers. Now don’t get me wrong. I think about something happening when I leave the house or go to a concert or movie or public events even church but I know that God is with me.

The Bible says “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7 (NLT)

I have been reading the book Fervent with my friend Courtney and last week the chapter talked about fear. She wrote a blog post on it and as part of her book club. It’s been a great book so far on prayer and I have been learning so much. There were some questions that she asked at the end of her post that I felt prompted to answer and share with you.

  • Are there things in your life that God has called you to do that you have been too afraid to do?

In short YES! There have been several things that I felt that I should’ve done but was too afraid to do them. There were times when I got asked to lead a small group at church but I turned it down because I was too afraid. I know that there are probably other things as well that God has called me to do but I was afraid. It just is something I think we all have dealt with at one time or another. 

  • What might you be missing out on if you don’t walk in the will of God-even when you’re afraid?

This is a hard question. WOW! I would honestly answer this one if I could but unfortunately, I can’t. I want to think that I would miss out on the blessings and satisfaction of bringing glory to God and others closer to Him. Also, I think I’d be missing out on a deeper relationship on a personal level with Him as well as a more intentional prayer life. 

  • Do you see any opportunities in your own life that you have missed because you were too afraid to take the leap?

Yes, absolutely I do! It’s something that I struggle with and kick myself for.

There’s a saying that if you aren’t willing to do what God asks because you are afraid then He will find someone else to use.

One in particular one was at church. I didn’t follow back up with it after I approached them with an idea and so it went to someone else. Although I am still a part of that project I missed out on the opportunities because of being afraid and full of fear. 

  • What steps can you take in your own life right now to combat fear and conquer what scares you?

Pray! That is the first thing that comes to my mind. Ask God to help you combat this fear and not let it win or scare you. Second, ask a friend, mentor, family member, someone you trust to pray for you and help you as you work through this. Ask them for guidance. Last, JUST DO IT! I know that’s easier said than done but if you don’t go for it then you never will. 

My parents and several friends have told me this time and time again and it’s a piece of advice I’d like to pass on to you.

God is going to use you. He called you and He will equip you. If you don’t answer that call and step out in faith than He will use someone else.

This is such an awesome piece of advice. It’s something that will live on in my heart as I continue to grow in my faith and walk with Jesus.

As I am ending this post I want to ask and leave you with this question.

Are you afraid of what you He has called you to do? or are you afraid of what you can’t do? How can I pray for you to overcome fear? Leave me a comment or send me a message on any social media accounts. I’d love to be praying for you.

Blessings, Grace Mae ❤

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Reality Check, Fasting, and God


If God brought you to this, He will bring you through it. 

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already March! Where are the days going? Can you believe we are only one month away from Easter? I feel like the days are getting shorter the older I get. There is so much on my to-do list and not enough time to get everything done.

One thing that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is prayer. As you have read in previous posts, one of my passions is prayer and I wanted to get more intentional about it this year.

Earlier in January I did a 40 days prayer and fast. During the time I spent away from Pinterest, snapchat and all secular music were one of the best decisions I could’ve made. Instead, I used that time to dig deeper into The Word and prayer. God really spoke to me during those 40 days and I’d like to think it changed my perspective on a lot of things.

One thing that I’ve been praying about lately and I’m going to get really honest with you is I want this blog and my ministry to grow and reach more people. I want to become well known and make a difference in other’s lives and change their lives for the better. My focus has been mostly on making sure everything was “Instagram”, “social media” quality. I wanted things to be like others that I follow. Ultimately, it came down to I want what they have and been trying so hard to compete with them.

This has been my prayer for a while now and while it’s not technically wrong to want to grow my following, make sure the content is that of the utmost highest quality, and being consistent in posting, God really spoke to me and gave me sorta a reality check. Okay, it was more like a slap in the face.

As I was praying and reading my Bible one day God told me this.

Grace, I know you have a heart for me. I know you want to live your life and do this ministry for me. What you need to know is this. You are thinking and focusing on the right things for the wrong reasons. You are so worried about it being the right thing. You are focusing on what others are doing and comparing yourself to them. Grace, you need to slow down and breathe. Stop trying so hard and beating yourself up when things go wrong. Stop and listen to me right now. Just be yourself and everything will be fine. I will help you get everything done you need too. I have chosen and called you to ministry and because of that, I will make sure you are equipped and prepared for this task. Just trust me and my timing.

WOW!!! Can I go crawl under the covers and hide??? Ouch! Thanks, Jesus, you couldn’t have said that nicer?

Here’s the thing my friends, I struggle so hard with comparison and wanting everything to be perfect when in reality everything can’t be perfect. We weren’t created that way. You see I stress out a lot about what others think of me and yes I know, I’m working on not caring but that’s easier said than done.

So what if I don’t have thousands of followers or million views on my blog? So what if I don’t post every single day on Instagram? So what if I miss a week in a blog post? So what if it’s not perfect? So what if I don’t become famous? So what if I don’t change hundreds of lives?

The important lesson that God taught me is if I do all this blogging, social media for his glory and to share with others what he is teaching me instead of doing it to be boastful or prideful everything will work out in his timing.

I just need to slow down and relax. I need to trust him. If even one person was blessed, encouraged, or changed because of my writing or posts then it’s all worth it.

I’m just like you are. Just because I am a blogger or have a ministry doesn’t make me any better or special. I am just one girl, who chose to use this opportunity to share with you my journey of faith and life. One thing for sure is I’m not perfect and sometimes I make mistakes. Some days I’m just a plain hot mess and other days I have it all together.

If you take just one thing from this post today I hope it is just this. Be willing to let God use you right where you are in his timing.

Everything is better when you trust Jesus to lead you.

Since then my perspective has changed and my focus has shifted. When I go to post or write an article I think about this. It’s totally okay to be real sometimes. It’s okay to be vulnerable. People want to relate to you and they can only do that if you are willing to let them in.

To be completely honest, this wasn’t the post I had intended to write this week but God just took over and here we are. Being totally transparent and vulnerable with you is one of the scariest and hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I hope you got something out of this.

I leave you with this question. What is one thing that you compare yourself to others? How can we pray for you overcome that and believe that God will help you?

The quote I started this post out with I want to end with it as well.

If God brought you to this, He will bring you through it.

Blessings, Grace Mae ❤

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Fasting and Writing Prayers for Future Husband Devotional

Wow I can’t believe we are already into February! Can I just take a few minutes and be completely honest with you all? I am finding that being real, honest, and vulnerable is the best thing to do. The past month has been a whirlwind of crazy life.

I started the year off with putting Jesus first in the mornings and I have to say it was the best decision I have made. Meeting with Him before the world has really been making my days go better.

One of my goals for 2018 is to get more intentional about prayer and in order to do that I started fasting on January 8th for forty days. I still have two weeks to go but it has been changing my life. When I first started to think about fasting honestly I was kinda terrified and nervous. Usually fasting is from food and I knew that would be hard for me but it wasn’t what God was calling me to fast from.

I chose to fast from Snap Chat, Pinterest, and all music that wasn’t Christian. Has it been hard? Yes! Is it worth it? Totally! You see these things were something I spent most of my time on and I felt that they were the right things to fast from to help me spend my focus and time on Jesus.

As much as I love spending time on Pinterest, constantly snap chatting my bestie, or listening to country and pop music. I love Jesus more!

My relationship with Him means more to me then anything else in this world. If I’m not willing to give things up for Jesus then what is it worth?

Through out my praying and fasting God laid on my heart to start writing 14 day devotionals and the first one is complete.


I’d like to introduce you all to Prayers for my Future Husband. It’s designed to help you write out prayers as you are in this season of waiting and singleness. You can purchase it on ETSY as a digital download and print it out at home.

I pray that this study/prayer journal you will find that God has your love story in His timing and hands. All we have to do is wait.

So I encourage you to share this with all your single friends. Let’s start praying now for the future and for the husband that God has picked out for you. You may not have met him yet but during this time of singleness it’s not too early to be praying for him.

Blessings, Grace Mae ❤

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In the Morning, Give Me Jesus

One of my goals for 2018 is to spend more time in prayer and in spending time with Jesus. Last week I talked about what My Jesus Time looked like and this week I want to talk about something near and dear to my heart. Last week I decided to fast. Now I’m not talking about fasting from food.

God has laid on my heart that I need to be more intentional about prayer and spending time with Him this year. 

So for 40 days I will be fasting and praying. I gave up snapchat, Pinterest, and all music that isn’t Christian. As much as I love my country music and some pop I love Jesus more. I’m one week into it and I’ve already been seeing God work and speak to me. There are some big decisions that I need to make and some projects that I am looking for guidance and direction on. I’ve been using the time that I would usually spend on social media or listening to music now in prayer.

“Let me hear of your unfailing love each morning, for I am trusting you. Show me where to walk, for I give myself to you.” Psalms 143:8 (NLT) 

Another major change I made is a challenge I saw on Instagram by The Well Watered Woman blog called Word before World. The concept behind it is to spend time in the Bible before you check social media. It’s been interesting getting use to this.

In a world that thrives on social media because it is the first thing we tend to gravitate towards in the morning. We wake up, grab our phones and start looking through all those notifications when we should be spending time with Jesus. I am just as guilty as the next person when it comes to this. Checking my phone to see how many likes and comments I have on Instagram and Facebook that I need to respond to or worrying about how many followers I got overnight. These things are great but they distract me from spending time with Jesus.

My relationship with Jesus is something that I take very seriously. It’s something that means everything to me and I am willing to give up things to make sure it happens. 

Since I made this change, my mornings have been different. First thing I do when I grab my phone is read my devotionals on You Version app before I check my social media accounts. I will say that there were times when I accidentally opened Facebook or Instagram before I realized what I was doing. Making the You Version App the first thing I open and read in the morning has helped me get my day off to the right start.

One thing though that I have learned from this over the last week is that I am craving Him more. I crave my Jesus time! It’s something I don’t want to miss. It’s something that I need and want.

I encourage you to try it. I promise you that it will change your life. Putting Jesus first in the morning will help you go about your day feeling refreshed and filled with joy.

Blessings, Grace Mae ❤