Russian Diplomats Say Goodbye to the West



Mikhail Svetlov/Getty

Mikhail Svetlov/Getty

There is no need to maintain a diplomatic presence in western countries in the latest sign that Russia may be playing with the idea of ​​completely cutting diplomatic ties with western countries as its war in Ukraine approaches nine months, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday. sign.

“There is neither meaning nor desire to maintain its former existence in Western states. According to TASS, Lavrov, our people work there in conditions that cannot be called human,” he said. “Problems are constantly being created for them; they face threats of physical attack.”

Speaking to a group of graduates admitted to diplomatic service, Lavrov lamented that there are limited job opportunities for Russians abroad.

“Most importantly, there is nothing to do since Europe decided to move away from us and cut off any economic cooperation. You cannot force love,” Lavrov said.

It was not immediately clear whether Russia had immediate plans to break diplomatic relations with western countries.

Panic as Russia Drags a Neighbor to the Brink of War

But this isn’t the first time Russia has threatened to sever diplomatic ties with the West since it invaded Ukraine and faced western sanctions. Russia has threatened to sever diplomatic relations with Bulgaria this summer after Bulgaria expelled 70 Russian diplomats.

Russia had previously suggested that its relations with the west could be set aside with little effect. In March, the Kremlin issued a “note of protest” to the United States, threatening to cut ties, following President Joe Biden’s comments about the war in Ukraine. In August, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that if the United States cuts ties with Russia, Russia will “get through this”.

“They should know: We are ready for any improvement in the situation. And if Washington chooses to cut off any contact with Moscow, we will get through it,” he said.

Russia’s current plan is to shift its diplomatic focus to other countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

“Under these conditions, we will shift the ‘center of gravity’ to countries ready to cooperate with us on equal and mutually beneficial terms, and we will look for promising joint projects,” Lavrov said. “Many plans that require diplomatic support, including business, joint cultural, humanitarian education projects, are considered at the highest and highest level.”

The announcement comes hours after Ukraine’s foreign minister announced that he would propose that Ukraine break diplomatic relations with Iran over its decision to supply Iran-made drones to Russia for the war effort. Russia has attacked Ukraine with drones in recent days, hitting civilian infrastructure, civilians and energy supplies.

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