Newsmax drops Lara Logan after commenting on Satan, immigrants and blood-drinking globalists



Lara Logan in 2017

Lara Logan in 2017 Tommaso Boddi/WireImage

Former CBS News reporter and recent Fox News guest Lara Logan went off the field Wednesday night on former Fox News presenter Eric Bolling’s Newsmax show, Newsmax said she was no longer welcome on the right-wing channel. Bolling brought him to talk about immigration, and eventually “forced the QAnon tropes, invoked blood libel, and made a fearmonger about a ‘global cabal’ planning to ‘water the patriotic pool’ in the United States”. Daily Monster reports.

“Newsmax condemns Lara Logan’s reprehensible statements in the strongest terms and her views do not reflect our network,” Newsmax said. Daily Monster Thursday. “We have no plans to interview him again.”

Logan began his comments Wednesday by speculating that the Biden administration was trying to devise “a Reichstag fire” – an event the Nazis used to consolidate power and curtail freedoms – then went on to claim that he was shown a secret United Nations plan involving a “global nuclear weapon”. The Cabal” would “water the blood of the patriots” by importing 100 million immigrants, noting God’s “open border is Satan’s way of taking control of the world”, and Israeli intellectual Yuval Harari “and the rest insisted on the World Economy”. … he wants us to eat bugs, cockroaches… while they’re eating with the blood of children.”

Fox News reported last year that Dr. After comparing Anthony Fauci to a notorious Nazi doctor, he dropped Logan and shelved the Fox Nation broadcast program. Since that time, Daily Monster“Logan has become increasingly associated with the QAnon community” and “sells openly antisemitic tropes in recent months,” writes Justin Baragona, often centered around the “Rothschilds.”

CNN’s Oliver Darcy observes that “Conservatives often complain of being removed from the platform”, but “in this case Logan has been effectively removed from the platform by right-wing media outlets like Fox News and Newsmax, two channels that often fuel complaints about the so-called censorship of conservatives”. “It shows that people like Logan are often exiled from platforms not because they hold conservative views, but because they use their platforms in an extremely irresponsible way.”

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